Welcome to the Governor’s Page for Christchurch Primary School.

On this page we hope to provide you with an insight as to who we are and what we do for the school

Who are we:

We are a group of volunteers with a common interest, Christchurch Primary School. We represent various groups from both within the school and the wider community. We work in partnership with the school and its senior leadership team. Although not necessarily experts in education, each Governor brings their own experiences and unique skill sets to work for the better of the school and all the children. Together we work as a team, our main focus positive outcomes for all children at Christchurch Primary. Our details can be found further down the page.

So what do we do:

The Role of a Critical Friend

The Governors meet with the school in their capacity as a critical friend to challenge in a supportive and constructive way, to hold the school to account for its processes and decision making.


There are two sub-committees which ultimately form the whole Governing Body. The subcommittees meet regularly. The first of these subcommittees meets to discuss the schools development with regards to Pastoral Teaching and Learning matters . The second of the subcommittees is Finance where the focus is budget management and agreeing how and where to spend money. These two subcommittees then meet together as a full governing body where any impactful decisions are made by the whole body

Some of the Responsibilities of the Full Governing Body

To work closely with the School to:

  • set and maintain the budget
  • contribute to and monitor the progress of the Schools Development Plan working with the Senior Leadership Team
  • agree and monitor the school’s strategic direction
  • monitor the schools progress towards meeting its agreed aims & objectives, and as part of that, the educational performance of the school
  • agree School Policies
  • be a contact point for parents in some matters
  • be a source of challenge and support to not only the school as a whole but also specifically to the Head teacher

Support and Training for Governors

Upon joining the Christchurch Governing Body new Governors can expect to receive supportive training as part of the South Gloucestershire Governor Services Training Program, they also receive an official welcome from the Head Teacher and Chair and will work with a mentor as part of their development ensuring the first year. Our longest serving Governors to our newest are actively encouraged to participate in the latest training available to ensure the Governing body stays up to date with the latest Government initiatives to fully understand how to work with the school effectively.

How to become a Governor

Please contact the school office on 01454 867145 for information on how to become a school governor or contact the Chair of Governors through the school. Information on current vacancies can be found towards the bottom on this page.

Current Governor Details and Pecuniary Interests

Download: Pecuniary and Business Interest Website Register 2020-21

Governor Attendance at Meetings

Meeting Minutes

Copies of meeting minutes are available from the school office on request

How to Contact Us

Please either contact the school office or write to Jason Worlock, Chair of Governors via the school