Six ‘Golden Rules’ underpin our Good Behaviour Policy and are displayed in every class and understood by every child.

Our Golden Rules

  1. We will have kind hands and feet.
  2. We will not say unkind things.
  3. We will follow instructions first time.
  4. We will move quietly and sensibly around the school.
  5. We will put our hands up when we want to speak.
  6. We will do our best.

Our approach to promoting good behaviour from our children is that of praising and acknowledging positive behaviour, through verbal praise, house points, star awards and learning certificates, whilst marginalising inappropriate behaviour. At Christ Church we celebrate success in its many forms during our weekly celebration assembly and, by so doing, model to children the positive outcomes of positive actions. When behaviour is inappropriate, stepped sanctions are imposed which give the child time to reflect and alter their behaviour. We believe that every child should be free from harm within our school and we have a zero tolerance approach to behaviours such as fighting.

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