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World Book Day

A huge thank you for the brilliant efforts in getting children dressed up for world book day. We had a huge range of characters across the school and the children looked fabulous! The school newspaper will be reporting on the event so please buy a copy at the end of term! But for now take a look at some of the brilliant costumes!

CREST SuperStar Science Award

Miss Taylor is very proud to announce that Christ Church Hanham C of E Primary School have been awarded the CREST SuperStar Science Award. This is a nationally recognised award managed by the British Science Association.

During National Science Week 2018, all children in Key Stage 2 (years 3 to 6) took part in a range of activities all linked to the Polar Explorer Programme. These ranged from designing boats to exploring animals in Antarctica. In addition, a variety of visitors came in to the school to inspire and motivate children to engage in STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). This was a great introduction for all children to experience problem solving in STEM subjects and learn through hands-on challenges which focused on exploring the world around them.

As a result of this award, all children in KS2 last year, have been presented with a SuperStar CREST Award certificate and an iron-on badge that can be attached to their school jumper on the sleeve. Overall, this award has increased children’s confidence in learning science and increased their awareness of the importance and relevance of science to society, and the role this plays in relation to helping people live with and adapt to climate change. Well done Christ Church!

Languages at Christ Church

Please enjoy our film which celebrates all of the different languages spoken in our school.

The children involved in the film came up with all of the ideas and created their own questions to ask, then Liam – a film student from the University of the West of England – kindly offered to film and edit to produce our film for us. A lot of the pupils involved didn’t realise that there were other children in the school, perhaps even in their class, that could also speak another language! It was fantastic to see their bravery in front of the camera and their enthusiasm to share their talent of speaking a different language with everyone.

Thank you to Dr Jane Andrews, Liam Richards and Maryam Almohammad for collaborating with us for this exciting project.’

Antarctic Flag Challenge – in Antartica!!!

The flags have now been received by Polar Explorers who are currently researching in Antarctica and the winning flags have been photographed.

Christ Church Hanham is proud to be a part of the Polar Explorer Programme!

The  Polar Explorer Programme is a new £1m government funded project, aiming to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers.

The project will use the UK’s new polar research ship, the RRS Sir David Attenborough, and it’s sub – Boaty McBoatface to bring an exciting new context to the teaching of STEM subjects, placing relevant curriculum topics within the context of both the construction and launch of the ship, and of polar exploration in general.

Find out about the Antartic Flag Challenge

Download: 2017-18 Antarctic Flag challenge

Antarctic Flag Challenge

These are the 5 finalist flags from the whole school. These flags will be taken to Antarctica with explorers and scientists and will be displayed for Antarctic Day 2017 (December 1st).

Antarctic Flag Class Finalists

These are the Class finalists from across the school for the Antarctic flag challenge.

Mad Science

The children enjoyed a visit from a “mad scientist” 9th November 2017.

The children were all very excited when they left the hall and now they all want to be scientists!

Ernie Unwin (year 3) – “My favourite thing was when we manged to get the egg  into the bottle. We had a piece of paper, we set it on fire, then the egg slipped in! It was amazing!”

Lily Hawthorn (year 3) – “I thought the egg experiment was so clever because the bottle had to be warm to get the egg in. Another experiment was with a ping pong ball and a hairdryer. We put the ping pong ball near the hair dryer and when we switched it on the ping pong ball floated and moved around with the hairdryer.”

Harvest Festival

Many thanks to all those who attended our two Harvest Services at Christ Church and to those who donated food.

As always the children performed brilliantly and it was an excellent way to finish our term and to give thanks for all that we have. Many thanks to the Reverend Goodridge for supporting the school at the services and for turning a banana into a penguin!



Many thanks to the South Gloucestershire Bikeability team for working with years 3 and 6 on cycle proficiency.

Next term Dr. Bike will be visiting the school. Dr. Bike can check any child’s bike to ensure they are safe to ride and can make simple repairs to the bike free of charge.