The Beeline Project

How it all began

One very cold, blustery morning in November 2010 our pupils set out on an epic adventure.  Accompanied by teachers, support staff, parents and grandparents they visited every house in their local neighbourhood.  Their aim was to deliver native daffodil and bluebell bulbs to around 1500 homes.  This was just the start of the project ‘Making a beeline to conservation’.

The aim was to provide early nectar for bees and other pollinators such as butterflies to help them through the precarious weeks before the majority of Spring plants begin to flower.  This was all part of the project to help children understand the connection between nature, their environment and their ability to really make a positive contribution to conservation.

The first bulbs were bought for the project, which was funded by the National Lottery. Subsequently plants were grown by the children from seed donated from neighbours and other donors such as the Bumblebee Conservation Society .  The £10000 provided by the Big Lottery also paid for a poly tunnel, a potting shed/outdoor classroom and a fabulous wildlife pond.  All these structures including the willow tunnel on our website home page were installed by the The Conservation Volunteers assisted by enthusiastic parents and helpers.

Barratt Homes turned a very plain and somewhat tatty roundabout into a wildlife haven by adding nectar rich plants and shrubs to provide cover for the insects.  The children had to do a lot of watering in the early days but now the plants are established we can all appreciate them as we come into school each day.

This is a sustainable project and is still in full swing with children now growing plants and vegetables in their allotments and picking fruit from the apple trees in the orchard.  There is also a wild patch, which no one is allowed to enter so we can protect small animals and insects from interference.  A spiritual garden has also been developed to provide a quiet place for children to just sit peacefully for a while.  The pond is home to lots of wildlife including frogs and newts as well as giving shelter to dragonflies and damselflies.  The willow tunnel is growing very well now and will be re-woven this year.  This is another opportunity for the children to get involved in an outdoor activity that is both fun and educational.  Once again the children will be growing seeds to provide plants for the May Fayre, which they will be giving to the local neighbours to continue the beeline.  The butterfly garden has been extended and contains lots of special places for birds and insects to hibernate over winter and nest in the Spring.  We hope the blue tits will come back this year after a successful brood of 6 little ones! And of course we will be entering the Hanham in Bloom competition, which we have won for 3 years running – the pressure is on!

Christ Church Primary gets lotto grant for bee project

A primary school in South Gloucestershire is celebrating after winning a £10,000 nature grant from the National Lottery.

Christ Church Primary School in Hanham will use the money to build a new pond area, a wildlife garden and forest garden for both pupils and nearby residents. Staff hope it will “increase the biodiversity of the area” and provide natural habitats to attract wildlife, particularly bees. The project, called Making a Beeline for Conservation, features a two-mile long ring of bee-attracting plants which will encircle the whole Hanham Campus. Read the whole Article

Hello to all Beeline Supporters!

A BIG Thank you everyone who planted our bulbs for the bees!  The children have been busy bees themselves  and during the spring they have planted lots of seeds to attract bees throughout the summer. See our Leaflet

Busy Bees as Barratt works with a local school to make project a success

An innovative school project, designed to increase the population of bees in the area, has been given a boost – thanks to Barratt Homes.

Children at Christ Church CE Primary School have been busy planting bee-friendly flowers and shrubs in a project spanning more than two years.

And now Barratt is stepping in to help highlight the efforts of all involved in Beeline. The house builder has transformed a roundabout close to the schools – turning it into a space to impress even the most finicky of bugs.  Read the complete Article



Making a Beeline to Conservation

Outline of project and time expectations

  1. Making a Beeline
  2. Creating an orchard
  3. Creating a forest garden
  4. Creating a butterfly maze
  5. Building a potting barn
  6. Extending the allotment
  7. Creating a wildlife pond


  • Identifying area of inclusion
  • Planting of bulbs for spring
  • Design of grounds and potting barn by end of year for installation next year
  • Raising awareness of project
  • Reassessment of costs and fund raising

Download the timetable

Read our ‘Thank You’ notes

Thank you note

Thank you note

Thank you note