Remote Learning – Overview

As schools have again been asked to remain open only for vulnerable pupils and those of critical workers, we will be reverting to remote learning for the rest of our pupils.

Our remote learning offer, this term, has been shaped by your feedback from last year alongside the expectations from the Department for Education.  Whilst we have learnt many things from the initial period of school closure, schools still need to find a solution that works for all families. During the next few weeks, each of you will have differing needs and personal difficulties to grapple with, be this juggling devices between siblings, trying to support your children whilst still working full time from home or working out how to help your child learn when you do not have internet access. It is our role to try to find a balanced solution that is inclusive to all pupils during this period.

The content of our remote learning provision is aimed at delivering a broad curriculum similar to that which would have been on offer in school. Each day will consist of planned phonics (EYFS and KS1), English and maths learning as well as a focus on foundation subjects including history, science and RE. These are supplemented by daily activities and key skills practice which the children can access independently as well as some opportunities for physical activity and mindfulness.  To ensure equality of access, we will be using the same plans and curriculum for the pupils who are attending school. This way, teachers can continue to monitor the progress of all pupils whether they be learning at home or in school.

We have also created a suggested daily timetable which mirrors what we are doing in school- this ensures that all of Team CCH, whether at home or at school, can maintain as much of the normal school routine as possible. However, we are very aware that for some families, this structure may not be appropriate due to family circumstances and the impact of home working. Please use the learning provided to fit around your family situation.

Suggested Daily Timetable


We have designed our learning opportunities as below:

  1. Daily activities- short activities to complete daily to keep our brains sharp, focussing on practise and recall of key skills (reading, writing, maths)
  2. For EYFS and KS1- a daily phonics session
  3. Core learning- these core sessions are based on the English, maths and wider curriculum areas usually covered at this time of year. Teachers have carefully selected appropriate online videos to introduce the daily learning and provide an explanation of new content. This is then followed by specific activities for pupils to use and apply the learning from the video instruction
  4. Daily physical activities- these suggestions are designed to encourage all pupils to participate in daily exercise and mindfulness. These can be done at any point during the day and can involve the whole family!

This time around, we have also further prioritised contact with our children as this was what you felt was missing last year. Regular contact with teachers will ensure that children continue to feel connected to school through receiving daily videos from the teacher as well as having the opportunity, via ClassDojo, to share their learning, ask questions and seek support throughout the day. Each day will also end with a live Teams meeting in which the teacher will lead a reflection on the day’s learning, clarify learning points and end the day sharing a story with the class. This should be a great time for the children to connect with their peers and interact with their teacher.

Children should upload and submit examples of their learning throughout the day via ClassDojo. One teacher from each year group will be available during the school day to respond to questions, offer support and additional challenge via ClassDojo.

We will continue to update these pages with relevant resources for each year group as well as signposting links to other activities and opportunities that families may enjoy accessing.

As always, if you have any questions related to the learning activities, please use ClassDojo to contact the teacher. Should you have any questions or issues regarding access to the school’s remote learning offer, please contact the Mr Turner via the

The school materials can here found here:

EYFS           Year 1            Year 2 

Year 3            Year 4            Year 5            Year 6

Although the majority of pupils are at home during this time, our usual Safeguarding and e-safety policies apply. However, in light of the current national lockdown, we have produced a Safeguarding addendum and an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) specifically for the period of remote learning.

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