Relationships Education

Relationship and Sex Education

Promoting lifeline learning about physical, emotional and moral development.

At Christ Church CE School we believe that it is important…

  • To promote our Christian values to enable children to respect and empathise with all members of our school community.
  • To promote healthy relationships in conjunction with a healthy life-style.
  • To increase the self-esteem of every child in our school giving them the confidence to make personal decisions unaffected by outside pressures.
  • To enable the children to make educated decisions about personal safety.
  • To teach the children about sexual relations within the context of a loving partnership.
  • To provide correct information for girls and boys and eliminate misconceptions with regards to puberty, sex and relationships.
  • To recognise and celebrate the value and diversity of family life.
  • To develop the partnership between home and school.

How you can support your child at home:

As a parent or carer you are the key person for your child learning about sex and relationships. Our school works in partnership with you and keeps you informed of our RSE programme.

  • Read books, leaflets or watch a video with your child.
  • Talk while you’re doing something else—washing up, driving the car or fishing.
  • Enjoy it! Laugh with each other, not at each other—it can reduce embarrassment and stress.
  • Listen rather than judge. Try asking them what they think?
  • Answer questions and don’t be afraid to say: “I really don’t know—let’s work it out or look it up together.”
  • Always respond, if you don’t, s/he may think it is wrong to talk to you about sex and relationships and as a result you may find your child clams up when you raise the subject.
  • If it all feels too personal, try talking about people in books or films.