Health and Well-being

The school positively promotes a healthy lifestyle through the taught curriculum and through curriculum enrichment activities. Physical Education is taught at least twice a week in every class and swimming is taught in Year 3. The school kitchen offers healthy, nutritionally balanced locally sourced organic food. Those children choosing to bring sandwiches are encouraged to bring healthy options. Free fruit is provided daily to all Reception and Key Stage 1 children. Toast or fruit can be purchased at break time as a healthy snack. Water bottles are allowed in classrooms and children are encouraged to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Free school meals are provided for all children in Reception and Key Stage 1.

The school teaches the SEAL programme (Social and Emotional Aspects in Learning) which promotes well-being by developing self-esteem and emotional empathy.

Emergency contact details

We must have an emergency contact number for you or another nominated adult in case we need to contact you urgently during the day.

Health Professionals

The School Nurse regularly visits school and is available for advice.  You will be notified and fully consulted regarding any problems. We also maintain close links with local GPs, Paediatricians, Speech and Language Therapists and Educational Psychologists..


We will do our best to help with children’s medical needs, and will administer short-term medication if it is impossible for parents to come into school to do so themselves. Parents whose children require long-term medication should discuss the matter with the Headteacher.

Health and Safety

Children who have suffered from sickness and/or diarrhoea should not return to school until they have been clear of symptoms for a minimum of 48 hours.