Forest Schools

Forest skills uses the natural resources in our environment and the children’s interests to stimulate imaginative, creative and investigative activities.

“The best classroom and the richest cupboard are roofed only by the sky”

Margaret McMillan

The ethos of Forest Skills allows learners the time and space to develop skills,  interests and understanding through practical, hands-on experiences. It also allows practitioners to step back and observe the children in order to then encourage and inspire individuals to achieve through careful scaffolding and facilitating.

Each child has an opportunity to develop self awareness, motivation, independence, empathy, self esteem and confidence whist learning about the natural environment. The children are given opportunities to handle risks, solve problems and co-operate with others.

What benefits will my child get from participating in Forest Schools?

Forest Schools supports the holistic development of the child:

  • Health and fitness – Being active in an outdoor, natural environment.
  • Increased emotional wellbeing
  • Social development – Communicating, and negotiating with peers and adults to solve problems and share experiences.
  • Skills development – Developing fine and gross motor skills and coordination for real purposes.
  • Gaining knowledge and understanding – Multi–sensory, real-life learning.
  • Individualised learning – Careful observation allows adults to tailor support to children’s own interests and stage of development.
  • Curriculum Links – Forest Schools supports many areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage framework, and the Every Child Matters agenda.
“I love getting Muddy.”
“I will jump in the crunchy leaves.”
“I like hunting for bugs.”
“How many sleeps till Forest Skills!”
“My favourite is climbing with my friends.”
“I love smelling.”
“I like making mud pies and magic potions.”
The Children